Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RSS feeds

I really like RSS feeds. I started out pretty outlets and Irish dance info. Than I found fun stuff like the Onion and Cake Wrecks which piqued my interest even more into RSS feeds. Than I was asked to follow feeds for school...hmmm, not as fun. But I did end up finding some really interesting sites to follow and I haven't looked back since! I really enjoy RSS feeds, it allows me the opportunity to find information quickly without wasting time finding and contecting to all of the sites I really enjoy. Need a laugh go to Cake Wrecks, need info on the lastest library trend go to The Shifted Librarian.
I would love to use this tool in a school setting. I would love for students to use it as a means for keeping informed and up to date with current events but also as a way to express themselves.
Blogging is something that I would love to find time to do! I would love to write about my adventures in Irish dance and librarianship. I would love for it to be humorous and witty. I would love to have millions of followers who can not start their day without reading another of my witty, funny, inspiring posts. I would than like a book deal that takes all of my blogs and puts them in a book, and becomes so popular that they make a movie out of my life and my blog. Hmmm I suppose for that to happen I have to write more often than once a year. I also have to get over thinking I am talking to myself when I write one...I suppose I really am...
I really like blogs, I have followed many of them...until they become wildly popular, they get free products, free trips, and book deals...than I am just jealous. I think it is a wonderful way to view into another person's life and see their point of view. They are often funny, and often sad. I have learned a great deal reading being that my life is not as crazy as some...while others make me incredibly blessed for the life I do have. I think they are a vehicle to express ourselves in a way that isn't offered in other web 2.0 tools.
Perhaps I will dust off my blog and give her another try...stay tuned!


  1. You sure do make blogging sound really glamorous! I've been at it for three years and so far no free trips or book deals. I must be doing something wrong.

    I like the idea of using the blog to keep students up to date on current events- by adding clogs to your blog roll or RSS you can link them right the main page and students can see what's happening around the world through the blog. Providing them access to share their thoughts, maybe by posting reactions, would be a great way to connect it all together. The only thing that I worry about is the privacy/security one- how much of our students do we put out there to the world? That's a question I struggle with.

  2. I feel that question is one most everyone struggles with. Everyone, parents, teachers, librarians, all have their own opinions on what material is "appropriate" and what is "too much." It all depends on who can access the student's work and what the community has to say about it.

  3. You never know! You may be an internet sensation. Many of the blogs I read started out as just online diaries for themselves and families. One reader becomes 5 becomes 100...... It is so easy to be linked, and clicked, and re-posted, next thing you know, someone "big" has found you (and is offering you a free toaster for writing a review of how great it is!)

    I like the idea of having students express themselves with their blogs, but I think they need to understand the "public-ness" of it - and that they need to understand that anything they post can (and will) be found.

  4. I know what you mean about being jealous of others blogs being noticed and becoming popular; I want that to happen to me. However, I too only write about once a year so that does help. It is hard at times to find the time to maintain a blog. I never feel that my posts will be of any importance, so I don't write them.

  5. Erin, I'm with you about RSS, and it's funny. After slaving away on my blog post this week and responding to others, it's occurred to me that I love RSS even more than I realized. I am writing passionately about it! I always think of Google Reader when RSS is mentioned, but I also subscribe to podcasts on my iPhone using an app called Instacast, I look at RSS using the MobileRSS feed on my iPhone, and I use the Flipboard app on my iPad which combines my favorite blogs and my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I have found a way to integrate RSS into just about any device I might have on hand at the given moment for the purpose of news, entertainment and keeping in touch with friends.

  6. I agree with Denice that while blogs are great, we need to help them understand that along with being public about sharing their ideas, they need to be responsible. It is hard for them to know when they are perhaps sharing too much in a public arena. I cringe at some of the things I read that my daughter shares on facebook. What you write online is here to stay!