Sunday, July 11, 2010

Here we go!

I must say I love blogs! I have tried in the past to create some of my own but I never find myself with anything interesting to say. I have found some very creative, funny and insightful blogs that I have followed in the past. I have found many blogs by accident and often in their infancy. I follow along reveling in their humorous look at ordinary life, wishing I was that witty or insightful. Then it happens! They are found out by millions of others and the blog goes commercial, then instead of the funny post of the meanderings of their meager existence I am forced to endure their description of them being whisked away for an all expenses paid trip to Discovery Cove, where they swam with dolphins. Then comes the descriptions of conferences that they are speaking at, the fancy hotels with spa treatments, the gourmet foods, the free stuff that they are getting and finally the book deal. Pretty much that is where I lose my lunch and my interest. Most of the time a blog for me is an escape from reality. It is always a chance to read about someone else's crazy life and the opportunity for me to see that my life isn't as bad as I think it is.

I have also sought out blogs that had information for activities that I was interested in. To seek out and learn from someone else who had gone through what I was experiencing. I often take what is said at its face value. This is after all a blog. I know that the person speaking has a certain slant or agenda with what they are talking about and while they have experienced it, it still won't be the same experience I will have.

I really enjoyed reading the MSLIS blog. What I find with many well written blogs is that you can start at the current post and find the information relevant and applicable to a current issue in my own personal or professional life. The writer answered quite a few of my questions about Boot Camp and shed some light on what life is really like for a working grad student, wife, mother and employee. We have been reading articles about the changing face of information gathering and whether a blog can be an accurate source of information. While I don't think you can use it to cite information for a research article I think you can glean information that will help you understand the task at hand or take you away from the pressures of life.

Blogs are interesting and often fun and insightful. And hey if anyone wants to throw a vacation or book deal my way I guess I wouldn't mind.

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